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Hi there, nice to meet you! I’m Charlene Chand. If you'd like to reach out, please email

I'm currently a User Experience Designer at Roadtrip Nation and a UI/UX Design Instructor at LCAD. I have been designing for more than eight years with a focus on digital experiences.

My life-long goal is to share my knowledge and thoughts about the design industry with everyone. That's why I like to teach, write, and host workshops!

Tidbits about me

  • Practices user-centered design through interviews, brainstorms, prototyping, user testing, analyzing data, and iterations
  • Loves to meet new people!
  • Attacks every challenge with a smile :)
  • Team player...Teamwork makes the dream work!
  • Regularly talks to and collaborates with
    • Design teams and Creative Director
    • Copywriters
    • Product Owners
    • Web Developers
    • Quality Assurance Team
    • Marketing
    • Business Development
    • SEO
    • Founders and CEOs
  • Grew up along the West Coast
  • Graduated from Laguna College of Art + Design, BFA in Graphic Design and Digital Media
  • Has worked with clients such as
    • Toshiba Latin America
    • The College Board
    • Mossimo, Fashion designer
    • Jim Carrey
    • The Chuck Jones team
    • Roadtrip Nation, an OC-based education company
  • Enjoys writing poetry
  • Is able to carry an underlying message and story throughout a project
  • Extremely detail-oriented...Is that centered?
  • Can't sing anything in tune



If you’d like a copy of my resume, please send an email request to