Better U Foundation


Jim Carrey's Non-Profit Organization website: UI, Copywriting

Founded in 2005 by actor Jim Carrey, The Better U Foundation addresses global food security by supporting the System of Rice Intensification (SRI). The team travels the world to teach farmers how to implement SRI. Sustainability is key.



The original website for Better U Foundation:

  • Did not explain the need for Better U Foundation
  • Did not explain why one should take action for the cause
  • Did not tie in Jim Carrey, unless it was a linked video (a missed opportunity for a marketing tool)
  • Was not responsive

Our Process

We started off with a great brainstorm and ideation session with Jim Carrey (at his house!).

Then, our design team read through documents and research studies on the SRI methodology so we could write the messaging for the website in a way that would make sense and educate our audience. As the design lead for this project, I "freshened up" the Better U brand by designing mocks with a clean aesthetic for readability and educational purposes; using strong black and yellow contrasts to exemplify the urgency around the matter. Our team did not use stock photography at all—the photos are unique to the cause because they are directly from the field and they feature Jim Carrey. I also developed the "Join Jim" campaign, where users submit their own photo after donating to the cause and are featured next to Jim's face—an extra incentive to help and to tie Jim and his cause together.

Project Team 2013

Lead Designer and Copywriter: Charlene Chand
Designer: Aaron Dodson
VP Design & Development: Devin Schvaneveldt
Principal: Corey Mangold

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